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Nipple piercing: Everything you need to know

They can feel *amazing* when touched.

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Kendall Jenner gets her nipples out in a sheer top

The sexual benefits

Regardless of who you’re sleeping with, there are both visual and sexual benefits that come with having your nipples pierced. Experts say the psychological benefits of having an intimate piercing can be key to an enjoyable sex life.

For women whose nipples aren’t particularly sensitive, having it pierced can really improve sensitivity which means it feels uh-mazing when they’re touched. Some women say when their pierced nipples are flicked, licked, or massaged, it really adds to their arousal. In fact, nipple play alone can end in an intense orgasm, and this is more likely to happen if you have one pierced.

Experienced piercer Clem, who works in Topshop Oxford Street’s in-house shop Metal Morphosis says these are the things you need to consider.

The actual piercing

Style: Nipples can be pierced in many different ways, but horizontally is the most popular. They can also be done vertically and diagonally though, and look equally awesome. Plus, if you’re into a more extreme look, you can have multiple piercings through the same nipple.

Price: Obvs prices vary depending on where you go, but should start at around $45. If you choose to have fancier jewelry, it can be a lot more expensive.

Suitability: Not everyone can get their nipples pierced. Some clients’ anatomy is just not suitable so you’ll have a consultation before a piercer will go through with the piercing.

Jewelry: Your nipples can be pierced with rings or straight bars or barbells (bars with removable balls at each end).

Risk: There’s always a small risk of infection, but this is highly unlikely as long as you follow the aftercare instructions.

The 16 emotional stages of getting your first body piercing

Procedure: Normally, intimate piercings are done by appointment. Your piercer (you should be able to specify whether you want a male or female) will have a consultation with you to find out exactly what you want and what you expect from it. They’ll then advise you on the right jewelry and then either perform the piercing, or make another appointment to do so.

Aftercare: Your piercer will provide you with full aftercare instructions.

Healing: It should take around 12-16 weeks for your piercings to heal. Unfortunately, you can have no oral contact with your nipples for at least two weeks (and you also have to avoid swimming and saunas for two weeks, too.)

Pain: Obviously everyone is different and although many women say the piercing is pain-free, others have said it hurts like a bitch. How sensitive your nipples are will determine how painful you find the piercing. Bear in mind it’ll be over quickly.

The health concerns

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Dr Anne Henderson, from Doctify, says there are a few health concerns to consider before getting a nipple piercing.

“Female genital piercings are becoming increasingly popular both from an aesthetic view point and also the possibility of an increase in sexual pleasure for both partners. Women should not forget, however, that this is an invasive procedure which can carry some health risks and should always be undertaken by an experienced and qualified practitioner, after informed discussion. “Women need to have a good understanding of their genital anatomy to help them decide which sites would benefit the most from being pierced. Any pain or significant discomfort should be immediately reported to either the practitioner or a GP for advice.”


Best Places For Nipple Piercings In Sacramento

Best Places For Nipple Piercings In Sacramento

Nipple piercings are a fun and fascinating form of body art for both men and women. Many people choose to have their nipples pierced because, aside from looking great, piercings can increase nipple sensitivity and enlarge small or inverted nipples. If you decide to go ahead with getting your nipple (or nipples!) pierced, it is vital that you get the job done at a clean, professional piercing parlor and that you can commit to a rigorous aftercare and cleaning routine.

It is fairly common for people of all ages and genders to get a body piercing these days. Once a person decides to get their Nipple, or any body part pierced, the next question is where to go. You are going to pay someone to poke a hole in your body and hang jewelry from it. It is a good idea to go to someone who is experienced and knows what he or she is doing. You want to find places that have a good reputation, have a clean well-lit environment and have piercing experts that can help you select the jewelry appropriate for your piercing. You also need to know that they will pierce the right location and give you advice on how to care for you new piercing.

Find a reputable piercing/tattoo parlor in your area. Choosing a safe, professional piercing parlor is the first and arguably most important step in getting your nipple pierced. Piercing establishments are often found in urban areas, but you’ll come across them in even the remotest of places. Google, as with most things, is a good way to start your search for a parlor. The website should be professional and well-organized, with plenty of helpful information. We have found that Stylz Piercings is one of the best Piercing Studios in Sacramento.
They also provide a gallery of images so you can see photos of the shop, along with pictures of previous customer’s piercings.
Make sure to read plenty of customer reviews to see if they had a good experience with the piercing parlor and whether they would return to the place again.

Stylz Tattoos & Piercings  2228 J Street Sacramento, CA 95816 | 916-284-8091 for Body Jewelry

Purchase Nipple Rings online

Purchase Nipple Rings online

Are you looking for the perfect nipple rings to compliment your piercings? Then look no further. Our collection of nipple rings has something for everyone. We carry the latest and most stylish designs of nipple bars, nipple hoops, nose captive beads, nipple shields and 14kt nipple jewelry. Our nipple piercing jewelry is crafted from the highest quality materials including 316L surgical grade steel, nickel-free 14kt gold, solid Platinum, 925 sterling silver, and dental grade acrylic.

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The two types of nipple piercings are ring piercings and barbell piercings. Rings are the more popular option, but barbells are best for those involved in contact sports, as they are less likely to be ripped out. The type of piercing you can get will also depend on the size and shape of your nipple, so you will need to consult with your piercer before making a final decision.

  • The nipple can be pierced in any direction, but horizontal piercings are most common, followed by vertical piercings. It is also possible, in some cases, to have one nipple pierced multiple times though the first piercing will need to have healed completely before successive ones are added.
  • In terms of jewelry, the safest type for nipple piercings are implantation steel captive bead rings or implantation steel barbells. Jewelry containing high amounts of nickel should never be used, as these may cause infections and allergic reactions.

What to Expect After Nipple Piercings

Nipple Piercings Questions & Answers

Combatting Shyness
If you are shy about presenting your nipple to a stranger, this is perfectly normal! Remember that your piercer is a professional and this is not a sexual thing. The less clothing you have to remove, the more comfortable you will probably be, so I would suggest wearing a button up top. This way, you only have to expose the nipple being pierced and keep everything else covered up.

The Pain Factor
I have my nipples pierced, so I am speaking from experience. Getting them pierced was a breeze. I was only going to pierce one at a time, but the first one was so easy I told him to go ahead and do the other one, too. I’ll admit, tho, that by then my endorphins had run down and the second one hurt a bit.

Endorphins are wonderful little things. They race through your body, giving you the strength for the “fight or flight” response. They also help to minimize pain. It is a GOOD thing to have some fear and apprehension before getting pierced, because those little endorphins will kick in and help you fight any pain. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel it, but it will greatly minimize the discomfort.

Also, keep in mind that a piercing is over very quickly. Almost any of us could endure even the worst torture for one or two seconds. I promise, a piercing is nothing like torture!

Abnormal Nipple Shape
If your nipples are abnormally shaped, such as inverted or flat, it will be best to allow your piercer to determine if they can be pierced and what the effect will be. It’s difficult to diagnose a condition without being able to see, so make an appointment with your piercer for a consultation.

Healing & Soreness
Now, once you are pierced, the healing process may be slow. This depends a lot on the size and weight of your breasts. Those with smaller breasts will actually have less problems than those with heavier breasts that can get caught in things through natural movement. You never realize how much pulling and squishing your nipples undergo every day until you get them pierced!

If your nipples are sore during the healing process, an ice pack can do wonders. If you don’t have an ice pack, a package of small frozen vegetables like peas or corn works really well. Don’t laugh! This is a highly recommended method of treatment for engorged breast-feeding mothers.

Sea salt soaks will also provide comfort to a sore nipple piercing. Most nipples will rest comfortably in a small cup of salt water, so this can be done easily while watching TV, reading a book or relaxing. Soak each pierced nipple for about 5 minutes and then rinse well.

The less aggravation your piercing undergoes, the quicker the healing time will be. It should only take about 6-8 weeks. In my case, it took 6 months because my youngest daughter was still very small when I got mine pierced. She was climbing up on my lap one day and grabbed my nipple……ouch! This set the piercing back to the beginning as far as healing goes, so be careful!

If it’s been many months and your nipples still haven’t healed, you may have an allergy or sensitivity to the jewelry you are wearing. You also might be doing something to aggravate it without realizing it. It’s best to see your piercer (or any professional piercer) and let them look at it so they can make an informed suggestion for healing.

Jewelry Rejection
Is a nipple piercing considered a surface piercing? And can it reject like a surface piercing? Technically, no. Although the nipple is similar to a surface piercing in that it enters and exits the skin in two different areas, it’s not quite the same. The nipple is fleshy enough to pierce securely behind plenty of skin to prevent rejection. But that doesn’t mean a nipple piercing can’t reject – especially if it’s not done properly in the first place. If the jewelry gauge is too thin or the piercing isn’t deep enough to begin with, you run the risk of rejection. If you have an allergy to the metal, it could cause it to reject. If you have problems with infection and/or tug and pull on it too much, it could reject. Actually, almost any piercing falls under these rules – so make sure your piercer knows what they’re doing and be extra dutiful about your aftercare!

To Bra or Not to Bra
Wearing a bra will actually feel BETTER – you may even want to sleep with it on. Sport bras provide the most comfort. The main important thing to remember is, if you are wearing a bra, don’t allow moisture to build up. If you sweat, you’ll want to change your bra frequently and cleanse your piercing before donning a new bra.
You will not need to change the size of your bra. The little ring isn’t going to make that much difference and a snug bra will feel better during the healing process.

If your piercing leaks a little fluid during the healing process, this is normal. If you don’t want this fluid getting on your bra, you can buy nipple pads designed for breast feeding mothers. These pads are soft and disposable, and can create a barrier between your nipple and your bra.

Nipple Erection/Hardness
If you have heard about nipples staying hard (erect) once getting them pierced, that is not necessarily true. They may for a while, but once your body gets used to the piercing, your nipples will relax like normal. If you have flat nipples, piercing them can help to push them out a little bit, but that doesn’t mean they will always stand erect.

Breast Feeding
If you plan to have a child and breastfeed in the future, you may wonder if you should get your nipples pierced at all. I’ve had people tell me they’ve heard all kinds of crazy rumors about breastfeeding with pierced nipples, but you only need to concern yourself with the facts. The facts are that in most cases, pierced nipples do not cause a problem when breastfeeding; in fact, some have found that it actually increases their milk flow (flow, not production), making it easier to nurse. Some nursing mothers say they even keep the jewelry in (including during feedings), although I personally do not recommend this. You need to carefully consider what goes into your child’s mouth at all times, and a piercing can be a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s much easier to keep it clean without the jewelry in place.

If you remove the jewelry permanently while you are nursing, the hole may very well close up and then you would need to repierce your nipple when you are ready. If you remove the jewelry only for feeding sessions, it shouldn’t be a problem replacing it after the feeding is over. But constant removal and replacement of the jewelry can be annoying or even cause the piercing to become sore. Since breastfeeding can already cause sore nipples, you really won’t want to cause any additional aggravation.

The decision is ultimately yours. You have to decide whether you want the piercing enough now, even if you may lose it later. Once you have a child, you will also have to decide if you are going to keep the jewelry in or remove it. Whatever decisions you make, it should be in the best interest of any future or present child. Nurturing your child through breastfeeding is one of the most important things you can do during the beginning of their life. Making sure that everything that enters their mouths and bodies during that time is clean and safe is also your responsibility.

So, unless you have a medical reason, getting your nipples pierced now and breastfeeding somewhere down the line should cause no complications. However, if you are currently pregnant or nursing, you will not be able to get any piercings until 6 weeks after the baby has been weaned.

Sensitivity & Arousal
Does having your nipples pierced make them more sensitive? Most women say yes! Does this mean you have to worry about walking around being aroused all the time? No. Especially once you get used to them, they will provide the most sensation when you want them to. If you’re doing normal daily activities, you’re not going to be walking around in a constant state of frustration!

Oh, and one more thing – tell your partner it’s hands and mouth off for 2 weeks! Even if the piercing feels OK, it’s not healed. Germs and bacteria can cause a painful infection, so you’ll just have to find other ways to entertain yourselves. 😉

Lost Jewelry/Repiercing
If your jewelry falls out or comes out involuntarily, you need to see your piercer as quickly as possible to have it put back in. Nipple piercings, even healed ones, can close very quickly. However, if you try to put the jewelry back in yourself, it may feel like it’s completely closed when it’s not. Your piercer can use tapers and lubricant to ease the piercing back open without having to repierce – IF you get there fast enough (within 24 hours).

Once it has closed partially or fully, you’re looking at a repiercing. Can it be done? Of course. Will it be hard to pierce through old scar tissue? A professional and experienced piercer will not pierce through scar tissue if it is avoidable – they will create a new hole through soft flesh. Your nipples will be at no more risk to cause difficulty with breastfeeding with second holes than they would with a single piercing.

Stylz Piercings is the only spot to get your nipples pierced in Sacramento

Stylz Piercings
2228 J Street Sacramento, CA 95816

Pros and Cons Nipple Piercing

Are you ready to get your Nipple Piercing in Sacramento

Pros: Nipple Piercing (s) look awesome and seeing my body without them in makes me feel like a part of me is missing. They’re fun to play with. They make my nipples feel good. I am not bored with them.  A nipple piercing not only looks great, but it can also increase sensitivity in the nipple as it is frequently stimulated by the piercing. A nipple piercing can also increase the size of a small nipple and prevent it from becoming inverted. This can be useful for breastfeeding, which is not hindered by a nipple piercing in any way.

Cons: They take a long time to heal, and one of mine is kind of hard to get in and out even after all this time. Sometimes the ball bearings roll down the shower drain. They require more maintenance/cleaning than a belly button piercing, and much more than ears. You have to take them out if you’re nursing, and they will heal up in that time (A friend of mine told me that the holes left behind made nursing easier for her, so…hidden pro?) Nipple piercings can be somewhat painful and can take up to a year to completely heal. They require a strict cleaning routine to prevent infection and are therefore a big commitment. If the piercing is not properly cared for infections may occur, which can be serious, especially for breastfeeding mothers.

Pros or Cons (depending on you): It hurts, but it’s a good kind of pain. You don’t have to be a masochist to appreciate it. I seek out novel experiences, sometimes in spite of but not ever because of how painful they are. It’s an informative kind of pain, and I’m glad to have it in my collection of feelings that I’ve had. But if you’re super pain-averse, then the pain is probably a con for you.

You have to leave them in pretty much all the time, which means that going without a bra means everyone knows about them. You’ll be thinking about them every time you go through airport security (and so will the person looking at the body scanner data for a brief moment).