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Purchase Nipple Rings online

Purchase Nipple Rings online

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The two types of nipple piercings are ring piercings and barbell piercings. Rings are the more popular option, but barbells are best for those involved in contact sports, as they are less likely to be ripped out. The type of piercing you can get will also depend on the size and shape of your nipple, so you will need to consult with your piercer before making a final decision.

  • The nipple can be pierced in any direction, but horizontal piercings are most common, followed by vertical piercings. It is also possible, in some cases, to have one nipple pierced multiple times though the first piercing will need to have healed completely before successive ones are added.
  • In terms of jewelry, the safest type for nipple piercings are implantation steel captive bead rings or implantation steel barbells. Jewelry containing high amounts of nickel should never be used, as these may cause infections and allergic reactions.